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5-Bullet Friday

Posted by Kevin Gulley

May 6, 2016


(Courtesy of Disney / Marvel)

I knew you were waiting with baited breath for my latest rant on interesting topics, trends and geeky delights. So, without futher delay, here are 5 bullets to send you into your weekend.

  • Favorite Tweet. As someone who is the default tech support team for my wife's interior design business, I can appreciate this one (I'm always telling her to check all cables and re-boot before she calls me).



  • Great Interview:  Everything your business should know about e911.  Interview with Redsky 


  • Must See:  Unlike the absolute panning that Batman vs. Superman received from almost every critic alive, the reviews for Captain America: Civil War are positively gushing.  This thoughtful Washington Post review explains why it is the best superhero movie of all time.  

  • Game Changers Changing the Game:  I had the opportunity to attend the Ceres Conference in Boston this week for our new property, the Efficiency Buyer.  Hundreds of representatives from the biggest companies, investors, governments and non-profits working to move the world to a more sustainable path.  As Mindy Lubber explained in her opening remarks, there is more momentum than ever and she is "positively bullish" on the prospects of significant changes in the near future.  Amen to that.

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